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Rachel Yeatts
       folk mountain sound 
Blue GrassFire
Rachel Yeatts.May 2022.banjo.jpg

photo credit: Debbie Wagner

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Wood Panel

In these videos, you can see

Rachel Yeatts, mandolin, lead vocals

Becca Maxwell, upright bass, harmonies

Steven Sellers, acoustic guitar

Simeon Davis, fiddle

Daniel Gussman, acoustic guitar

"Songwriting isn't brain surgery;
it's heart surgery."
--Guy Clark

Appalachian music...

I've never lived in Appalachia, but people often say my music reminds them of their home in the mountains. Let me bring you high lonesome, down-home songs from the heart.

Mandolin, banjo pic 2_edited.jpg

"I spilt the dew -

But took the morn - " (ll. 23-4)

--Emily Dickinson, "One sister have I in our house"

Songwriting combines poetry and nonfiction in the mountain songs I love to learn and to write.  This was the lucky year I found my way east to record a new album of songs coming in May 2022. Trouble Ain't Ours to Keep features all original songs and the first two co-writes I've ever done. Here's a sample track for you. Peace.

Ladybug mandolin pic.jpg
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